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Grado introduces GW100x wireless open-back headphones with new fourth gen X drivers and superior Bluetooth performance

Grado today introduces the GW100x Bluetooth® open-back headphones – the third edition of its award-winning wireless series. The GW100 series was the first and only open-back Bluetooth® headphone on the market, with the latest model offering a newly enhanced fourth generation X series driver design, superior Bluetooth® 5.2 wireless technology and improved 46-hour battery life.

New Grado Statement X series headphones combine cocobolo, maple, ipê, metal and the largest driver yet

Grado is introducing the new Statement Series, which brings fourth-generation X Drivers to the wooden GS3000x and GS1000x. The GS1000x combines mahogany and ipê wood, while the GS3000x houses our most powerful driver yet inside a metal chamber surrounded by a single body of cocobolo wood. 

Combining maple, cocobolo and hemp wood, the Grado RS1x and RS2x are now built with 4th gen drivers

Grado Labs is introducing the new Reference Series, which brings fourth generation X Drivers to the RS1x and RS2x. The RS2x combines maple and hemp wood, while the RS1x combines maple, cocobolo, and hemp wood.

Prestige X Series: Grado upgrades its hall-of-fame open-back headphone range

Building on the award-winning E series, the new Prestige X Series, sees a further refinement of its predecessor, featuring new enhanced speakers, an advanced cable design and a more comfortable headband across its five models – the SR60x, SR80x, SR125x, SR225x and SR325x.

Grado announces sonically superior GT220 – its first ever true wireless earbuds

With over six decades of headphone design expertise, Brooklyn,NY-based Grado Labs have combined their audio-tuning experience with the latest wirelesstechnology to deliver a sonically superior experience in the GT220 true wireless in-earheadphones.

Grado introduces first ever Hemp headphones

Brooklyn, NY: Today Grado Labs is announcing The Hemp Headphone, the first of its kind. Inthe Brooklyn company’s never-ending pursuit to experiment with different woods andmaterials, the opportunity to build with hemp came about.