Grado introduces GW100x wireless open-back headphones with new fourth gen X drivers and superior Bluetooth performance

Grado today introduces the GW100x Bluetooth® open-back headphones – the third edition of its award-winning wireless series. The GW100 series was the first and only open-back Bluetooth® headphone on the market, with the latest model offering a newly enhanced fourth generation X series driver design, superior Bluetooth® 5.2 wireless technology and improved 46-hour battery life.

  • New redesigned fourth generation X Drivers offer superior sound performance.
  • Improved 46-hour battery life from a two-hour charge.
  • Low energy and low latency Bluetooth® 5.2 technology for improved battery life and a more robust connection.
  • Boasts dynamically adjustable audio codec,aptX™ Adaptive, as well as standard AAC and SBC codecs for high-quality wireless audio.
  • USB-C connection for charging.

Introducing X driver design

This GW100x boasts Grado’s enhanced fourth generation X series driver design which features a more powerful magnetic circuit, a voice coil with decreased effective mass, and a reconfigured diaphragm. The re-engineering of these components for our 44mm drivers improves the efficiency while reducing distortion and preserves the harmonic integrity of your music.

Based on the original GW100 design, the speaker housings and internals have been designed from the ground up, now working in tandem to notably diminish escaping sound by up to 60%* There is a design language that’s seen throughout all Grado headphones since the company’s first ever model was released in 1991. The GW100x continues this, looking like it’s part of the family simply at a glance. These wireless Grado headphones are a milestone in our seven-decade history.

New Bluetooth and wireless codecs

The GW100x now features the low energy and low latency Bluetooth® 5.2 technology for improved battery life and a more robust connection. Also on board is the dynamically adjustable audio codec, aptX™ Adaptive, as well as standard AAC and SBC codecs. Enhanced pairing also lets you switch between two devices more efficiently.

Improved battery life now offers up to 46 hours** of listening on a two-hour charge (now via USB-C). Forget to charge your GW100x? You can use the supplied 3.5mm headphone cable to connect to your device for continuous playback.

Lightweight and comfortable, with a padded headband, the GW100x is the perfect choice for long listening sessions enjoying your favourite music. The built-in microphone makes taking a phone call or getting on a virtual meeting simple. Easy to locate controls on the earpiece offer you full functionality, and you’ll also have the ability to control your GW100x from your connected device.

The GW100x comes supplied with a USB-C to USB-A cable for charging and a 3.5mm headphone cable for a wired connection.

The Grado GW100x is available now, priced £249 / $275

*As compared to our wired headphones. Leakage reduction varies in certain situations. This is based on a reasonable distance, angle, and genre of music played.

**Based on 50% volume throughout playtime. Battery varies due to volume and musical genre

Technical specifications

Bluetooth® Version: 5.2

Battery Life: 46 hours**

Charging time: 2 hours

Codecs: aptX™ adaptive, AAC, SBC

Frequency Response: 20Hz~20KHz

Nominal Impedance: 38 ohms

Mic Sensitivity: 42dB +/- 3db

Battery Capacity: 850mAh

Working Distance: 10m

In the box: Headphones, USB-C to USB-A cable, 3.5mm headphone cable, instruction booklet

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New Grado Statement X series headphones combine cocobolo, maple, ipê, metal and the largest driver yet

Grado is introducing the new Statement Series, which brings fourth-generation X Drivers to the wooden GS3000x and GS1000x. The GS1000x combines mahogany and ipê wood, while the GS3000x houses our most powerful driver yet inside a metal chamber surrounded by a single body of cocobolo wood. Along with the superior sound these new drivers produce, the GS3000x and GS1000x also utilise Grado’s improved 12-conductor braided cable and new headbands. Both are hand assembled in Brooklyn, New York.

The new flagship GS3000x is the best sounding headphone Grado has released in their seven-decade history. The largest driver to be placed in a Grado headphone yet, the new 52mm speaker is specifically tuned to embrace the tenacity of cocobolo and precision of metal. This speaker design features a more powerful magnetic circuit, a voice coil with decreased effective mass, and a reconfigured diaphragm. Teeming with texture and emotion, cocobolo’s sonic properties and innate mass makes it perfect for the new speakers. They paired this with a metal inner chamber to add even more mass, which lets them control the rigidity of our largest driver yet. Cocobolo has striking patterns and colour that tend to vary from pair to pair.

Continuing over two decades of one of Grado’s most important headphone designs, the now hybrid GS1000x sees mahogany and ipê wood come together for the first time. Mahogany has been a long -standing material in almost all of Grado’s wooden headphones and phono cartridges, so combining it with a wood not yet used in a Grado called for a delicate balance. Mahogany still exudes warmth and texture, while ipê improves the structural integrity of the sound passing through the grains of the housing. The GS1000x features a 50mm-sized driver.

“I remember trying on the first GS1000 decades ago when my dad (John Grado) brought the first pair upstairs from the workbench”, says Jonathan Grado. “I was seven or eight and they swallowed my head. The fact that they are in their fourth generation today is a testament to the design of the original GS1000. And I’m sure my mom has that photo somewhere.”

In thirty years Grado Labs has only released four generations of drivers, the speaker inside the headphone. Avoiding yearly update cycles “just because”, Grado has made sure to only place new drivers inside their headphones when there is a significant upgrade. The X Drivers bring a completely redesigned speaker and new harmony to the inner workings of the GS3000x and GS1000x. Each one is specifically tuned for the wooden enclosure they’re in. In Grado’s pursuit for the betterment of sonic reproduction, the Brooklyn company is using a first-time wood in their line-up, ipê, and released their largest driver yet at 52mm.

The Grado Statement X Series will be available from September priced (SRP):

Grado Statement GS1000x – £1,295/ $1,195

Grado Statement GS1000x with Balanced XLR connectors – £1,495 / $1,365

Grado Statement GS3000x – £2,195 / $1,995

Grado Statement GS3000x with Balanced XLR connectors – £2,395 / $2,165

ModelFrequency Response  SPL 1mW  Nominal Impedance  Driver Matched dB:  Cable type
GS1000x8- 35,000 hz  99.8 dB  38 ohms.05 dB  12 -conductor
GS3000x4- 51,000 hz  99.8 dB  38 ohms.05 dB  12 -conductor

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Grado Statement GS3000x

Grado Statement GS1000x


Prestige X Series: Grado upgrades its hall-of-fame open-back headphone range

May 17th,2021, Grado today introduces the next generation of Prestige Series headphones. With over six decades of audio design experience, this headphone range is deep-rooted in the New York based company history. The Prestige series were the first headphones designed by John Grado three decades ago. Building on the award-winning E series, the new Prestige X Series, sees a further refinement of its predecessor, featuring new enhanced speakers, an advanced cable design and a more comfortable headband across its five models – the SR60x, SR80x, SR125x, SR225x and SR325x.

Seen as the best way to experience the Grado sound for the first time, the core performance and design DNA of what makes the Prestige range so special remains within the X Series. All headphones are handcrafted at the Brooklyn-based headquarters. The classic, signature enclosure design throughout the range is present with the flagship model, SR325x, retaining its metal housing.

New speaker design

The enhanced X Series speaker design encompasses a new magnetic circuit that’s been revised for improved efficiency in conjunction with a newly designed voice coil and diaphragm to further reduce distortion and enhance harmonic integrity. As a result the new Prestige series is easier to drive across a variety of portable devices and deliver the best audio performance possible.

New cable design

The Prestige X Series deploys a new cable design offering more durability and flexibility. The 8-conductor (SR125x, SR225x, SR325x) and 4-conductor (SR60x, SR80x) cables now feature a super annealed copper wire to deliver an improved purity of the audio signal. Being faithful to the recorded event is and always will be a priority for Grado.

Headband redesign

Grado headphones have always been designed for comfort, especially when enjoying long listening sessions. The Prestige X Series redesign to the headband improves comfort which reduces listening fatigue. The headband has a leather aesthetic, however, is a synthetic protein material which means it is vegan-friendly, except for the SR325x which continues to use a leather headband.

Lifelong investment

Grado believes owning a pair of its headphones is a lifelong investment. This is characterised by the iconic Grado industrial design which follows the mantra of form follow function which is carried further by optimising sonic performance of form and materials.

John Grado, Owner, Grado says, “The Prestige Series means the world to our family”, says Jonathan Grado. “It’s the first series we ever released, and includes not only our first-ever headphone (SR80) but also our first metal pair as well (SR325). Our goal was to increase the efficiency of our drivers while not only maintaining, but improving, the purity of the original recording and the mid-range we’re known for. Without the Prestige Series, we wouldn’t be here.”

The Grado Prestige X Series (availability TBC) priced (SRP):

Grado SR60x – £109.95 / $99

Grado SR80x – £129.95 / $125

Grado SR125x – £189.95 / $175

Grado SR225x – £249.95 / $225

Grado SR325x – £329.95 / $295

Technical specifications

ModelFrequency Response  SPL 1mW  Nominal Impedance  Driver Matched dB:  Cable typeEar pad type
SR60x20- 20,000 hz  99.8 dB  32 ohms.1 dB  4 -conductorS cushion
SR80x20- 20,000 hz  99.8 dB  32 ohms.1 dB  4-conductorS cushion
SR125x20- 20,000 hz  99.8 dB  32 ohms.1 dB  8-conductorS cushion
SR225x20- 22,000 hz  99.8 dB  32 ohms.05 dB  8-conductorF cushion
SR325x18- 24,000 hz  99.8 dB  32 ohms.05 dB  8-conductorF cushion

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Grado SR325x

Grado SR225x

Grado SR125x

Grado SR80x

Grado SR60x